Photograph Gallery

Have a look at this video clip (size: 31MB; format: .mov): Screen shot of tennis video

  • Female tennis player kissing a trophy
  • Male tennis player in back-to-front baseball cap
  • Male tennis player playing a forehand smash
Female tennis players wearing Stars and Stripes Recruitment tops Female tennis players jumping in the air Matthew Short playing tennis
Female tennis players wearing Stars and Stripes Recruitment tops Tennis players relaxing around a table Tennis player at Bahrain Championships
  • Landscape with river
  • Tennis players sitting on steps
  • Kent Tennis players in line on an indoor court
Tennis players walking away with hills in the background Two male tennis players Male tennis players standing on an indoor court
Female tennis players celebrating with a trophy Male tennis players in a huddle Male tennis players in a line in front of a net
  • Tennis court with bicycle
  • Entrance steps to pyramid-like sports stadium
  • Benches at outdoor tennis court
Student graduation ceremony Tennis players on an outdoor court Tenerife Tennis Club
Tennis players in red in a huddle Tennis players with flags Tennis players' legs
  • Tennis players in a gym with weights on their bellies
  • Tennis players hugging near an umpire
Large gym Male tennis players celebrating Tennis lockers
Two male tennis players Female tennis players applauding Tennis players at an indoor court
  • Spectators watching cheerleaders in an indoor stadium
  • Athletes in a gym
  • University campus