“My name is Yoan Roussinov and I went through Stars and Stripes Recruiting agency so that I could maximise my chances of playing at a great university in America. My transition from UK junior tennis to college tennis in America was stressful, but with Pippa’s help I was able to find the best possible fit. She put all my worry on her hands and contacted all the schools that she knew were a great fit for me and I was able to get in contact with some great coaches! All of the paperwork (and trust me there was a lot) was handled with care and detail so I didn’t have to worry about any of the admin stuff. Pippa did a wonderful job and I highly recommend any juniors that are exploring the path of college tennis to consider using Stars and Stripes for a more comfortable and certain experience.”

Yoan Roussinov — Queens University, Charlotte NCAA D1, Class of 2022

“Working with Pippa was the best investment towards getting into my dream University. Her expertise in the process is unmatched. Pippa made things simple and guided me through everything during a time that most find extremely stressful. What differentiates Pippa from the competition is how she works with her clients. Not only did she care throughout the process of applying to colleges, but she continued to support me throughout my college experience — ensuring I was always getting the most out of everything college tennis had to offer. Pippa makes it her business to care about the people she works with, and I am extremely lucky to have worked with her — but most importantly, having graduated, I am most lucky to be able to call her my friend.”

Damian Rodriguez, Princeton 2022

“We found securing the right tennis scholarship to be a long haul and quite a complex process. Having Pippa alongside us, providing information and advice was, therefore, invaluable. She proved to have extensive knowledge of the system, the colleges and the coaches. Most impressively, Pippa was always quick to respond, in detail, to our many queries, offering constructive suggestions for the next steps. We’re very happy with the college place and the tennis scholarship that our son has secured and, most importantly, so is he!”


“The service I received was very personal. Pippa was always there when I needed her especially when coaches came over to meet and watch me. Not only do you sign up for the dream university but you also gain a friend in the process. Pippa provides all of the key and technical information needed throughout the application and process; her experience and guidance when it comes to designing both your CV and video, but most importantly all of the contacts and connections which are essential when it comes to choosing the correct university for you. Every coach I met spoke highly of Pippa as a recruiting agent and she was fantastic”

Fall 2017 Recruit, IVY NCAA D1

“Pippa’s understanding of her recruits and knowledge of U.S. Colleges and coaches helps find the perfect place for her players. She made the recruitment process a simple one and we communicated every week. I had so much help that I couldn’t have done it alone. I can’t wait to attend my U.S. College in August.”

Recruit Men’s NCAA D1

“Pippa’s energy, drive, knowledge, contacts, commitment and ability to overcome adversity will ensure players are handed accurate information and insight to make an informed decision on the right college program for them. I’ve known Pippa since her professional days training in Boca Raton, Florida, and if she works as hard for you as she did on court then you are 100% in the best hands.”

Stanford Boster — USTA Men’s National Coach and ex–coach to Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish and Bradley Klahn

“Pippa was a great person to get ideas from about schools, what my emails should entail, and also to garner more knowledge about the college tennis lifestyle. She will be blunt about what US coaches demand from a player, which is great! Pippa has played college tennis as well as worked in the US as a tennis coach, she understands what US coaches want and demand. This is a huge benefit. I have had the pleasure to work with Pippa on the tennis court and spent time with her off the court. She has an awesome work ethic and will really work hard to get you to the best school possible or help you decipher what you want out of your college experience. She will keep in contact with you and make sure you are happy with your decision.”


“Tennis has always been a huge part of my life, and I had played at National and county level since a young age. After finishing school, it was time to take my next step and start the process of deciding where I wanted to go to University, a difficult decision for everyone. I knew I wanted to still play tennis to a high level and combine this with my education so American University was always an option I wanted to explore, but it was also a route I knew very little about. Having experienced American college first hand, Pippa was quick to provide her knowledge and experiences and helped me greatly in getting the whole process started and giving me the information I needed to start making some decisions.

Moving across the ocean to a new country and new environment is daunting enough and with so many factors to consider, Pippa put me at ease and helped me every step of the way with the application process and in making sure that the choice I made was perfect for me. After helping me get in contact with a few Universities, and being lucky enough to go and visit some of them, I decided to go to California State University Long Beach and spent three and a half years there. Straight away I was thrown into the college routine; training 3–4 hours a day, going to classes and enjoying university life. I quickly got used to the busy lifestyle and as time went on I became very close to my team and my coaches and loved every minute of travelling around America playing in different tournaments and against other Universities.

Even once I was there Pip still checked up on me and answered any questions I had during my time there. College tennis was an amazing and rewarding experience and one I would do again in a heart beat, for anyone wanting to play tennis to a high level as well as coming out with a great degree and having fun along the way, it is something I would recommend to everyone.”

Sarah Cantlay — California Long Beach

“Pippa Lane has played a major role in helping me find my ideal university in America. Her vast knowledge of information about multiple Universities helped me pick the right place, where I feel comfortable with my coach and team. Having gone through the college tennis experience herself, Pippa has developed an impressive network of contacts to many of the college coaches across the states. Whenever I had a question regarding a University, I would always turn to Pippa for help because she would respond back quickly and clearly tell me her opinion of that place. Without Pippa’s help and support of information, I do not think I would have been able to find such a great place to play tennis and study! I would recommend anyone who is interested in college tennis in America, to contact Pippa now and let her help you find your University!”


“I had many hurdles to face when coming to America, and Pippa was always just a phone call away to help me. I repected and trusted her judgment when it came to choosing schools as I know she is very knowledgeable about tennis levels, coaching styles and locations. I am excited to see that she is helping more people to achieve their dreams, and I have no hesitations that she will strive to get the best placements for upcoming players. Pippa went to college over here, and she still has many contacts. For any upcoming player it would be a great choice to work with Pip and get a placement at at college best suited for him or her.”


“Professional, friendly, helpful, great communicator, hard working, knowledgable, interesting, great coach connections, always there for me, popular with coaches, fun to travel with, wants the best result for you, just brilliant, top agent.”

Fall 2017 Recruit NCAA D1

“The key to success in my college selection process was working with Pippa. She tailors her approach and expertise to each individual player and her wealth of knowledge guided me to opportunities to further my tennis career as well as pursue my academics at a level that suits me.

Pippa is personable, kind, and very professional. She prioritizes your preferences and interests in her search and shortlisting of possible colleges for you.

Pippa focuses on and values each person’s specific needs. Any questions or concerns I had throughout the process were consistently responded to by Pippa quickly and constructively.

Pippa is a great and effective communicator and I felt well supported throughout every aspect of my college search, from studying for the SAT to submitting applications and touring schools.

Navigating the US college system is a challenge and I believe that a successful outcome would have been near impossible without Pippa’s experience and guidance. We have kept in contact throughout my college years and beyond and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Ines Pelvang, UC Santa Cruz 2022

“Pippa (Stars and Stripes Recruitment) has been the most amazing recruitment service. We have known Pippa for the past two years from the very beginning when our daughter decided she wanted to go to America. Pippa has been there every step of the way, from the first Skype call and meeting, to Kate signing with a D1 university. Pippa has got to know Kate well on court and off. She’s always there at the end of the phone to talk if necessary, replies to emails and messages virtually immediately and shows so much interest. We as a family were going to go on official visits with Kate but unfortunately two weeks before we found we couldn’t travel, so Pippa stepped in and took Kate. We were so thankful and in actual fact Kate felt this was the best thing that could have happened.

Nothing is too much for Pippa, she is so good one actually forgets that she is sorting out lots of prospective tennis students and not just your child. No other recruitment service could offer the individual care that Kate has had. We thank Pippa so much and even now Kate is off to America in August we know Pippa will always be there for her ‘a friend for life’.”

Parent of Fall 2017 NCAA D1 recruit

“I’ve known Pippa Lane for years and would definitely recommend her in helping you find the right college for you as an individual. She went through the U.S system herself and has a lot of college and pro connections. She will listen to each individual’s personal needs and will work hard to find you the most suitable institution.”

Chani Scheepers (#37 WTA)

“I first met Pippa when I was 9 years old. She coached me for the first years of being a player, traveled to tournaments with me and has always been a great adviser. From a young age she had talked about the opportunity to go to the USA on a tennis scholarship. As I grew older and older, getting inside the top 10 nationally and starting to play international events, I realized very quickly that tennis was an expensive sport and this was when I remembered what Pippa had mentioned earlier about the college tennis system. Starting this journey to getting a scholarship was exciting but scary. Having Pippa there to advise me on what to trust, what places in the USA were nice and just gaining her overall opinion on different conversations I had with coaches was so critical. She was well–informed, talked to me about what I wanted as a player and made sure that I asked the right questions. She also put me in touch with other players and coaches she knew so I could verify information. This is the most important aspect that Pippa brings to the recruiting game. Her honesty and contacts really allowed me to get a bigger picture of what I was getting myself into and what coaches I could trust.

I made my decision to go play for a university that fit my needs and Pippa was a huge part of that. I pass on Pippa’s advice to numerous people to make sure they make the right decision.”

C. D., player — Mississippi State

“I had been playing tennis to a decent standard all of my life including pre–Wimbledon qualifying and Nationals. When the time came to decide on Universities I felt I just still had so much more tennis in me. I wanted to keep playing to a competitive level, something I knew wouldn’t really be possible at university in the UK. Cue Pippa Lane!

Pippa’s experience and guidance through my college research and application process without a doubt set the next few years of my life on the right path. It’s a minefield of information, made more difficult by the distance, the unfamiliarity of the systems and knowing the pitfalls to avoid. Pippa guided me through the whole process and I wonder if without her I ever would have made my dream happen. Pippa has been there done it to a level I wish I would have reached, her portfolio of contacts is astounding. I really don't think in this situation I could have had a better person around to help me.

My US college experience at Long Beach State, California was something I will treasure forever. The work ethic and discipline required to succeed in college sport benefits me every day in my professional career. Quite often when I’m sat in my London office, I daydream about the tennis courts at Long Beach, my team mates who are now all over the world and I wish I could be transported back in time!

Tennis runs through Pippa’s veins, I think if she could she would spray herself with tennis ball scented perfume! She will care so deeply about helping you to make the right decision you just can't go wrong and she will support you every step of the way.”

Laura Thomas — California Long Beach

“Applying to a US University initially filled me with fear. I had heard about how complicated everything was but the stories and experiences people talked about made me want to go. So I was delighted to find that Pippa Lane through her company Stars and Stripes Tennis offered to guide people through the application, acceptance and most importantly the US College Scholarships qualification and eligibility process. Pippa’s knowledge and caring approach helped me navigate the US College system and understand how to identify those colleges where I would be a good fit. From our first personal consultation with my mum, Pippa went through everything explaining the process clearly, the levels, requirements both on court and academically and what to expect throughout the process and the time frame needed. This personalisation sets Pippa apart and convinced me that Pippa genuinely cared about which university was best for me. Competition to get into the best universities is fierce but Pippa spent a significant amount of time helping me present myself to those universities and also contacted and spoke with individual coaches to ensure they understood my strengths, attitude and dedication. Pippa also was a big part of U.S. coach visits and was constantly involved. Pippa’s communication throughout was fantastic; always connecting quickly by phone, email or Skype. Without Pippa on my side finding the right college would have been much harder or even impossible. Pippa was my secret weapon in securing a place at a Division 1 college in the top Pac 12 conference — make her yours!”

Kent player, Fall 2015 recruit

“I began working with Pippa after taking GCSEs, we met with my mom and talked through the whole process, the time line and what to expect throughout. Pippa outlined the options available, things I needed to do like entrance exams and a quality video and how best to promote myself. Pippa wrote a great CV and got me speaking to great coaches. It was fun, sometimes hard work but Pippa supported me so much. Pippa is one of the most positive and encouraging people and thanks to her I’m going to a great college in Florida and I’ll be playing D1 tennis." ”

Fall 2017 Recruit NCAA D1 Men’s

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