Events, Associates and Travel Insurance

At Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment, we recognise the importance of maximising your international tennis playing experience. Competing in international events adds ‘weight’ to your college application and scholarship process.

We are available to travel to overseas ITF events with players individually or as a group. We regularly attend events in Europe and the U.K. throughout the year, especially ITFs, British Tours, British Nationals, Grade 2s (U18s and U16s) and various Grade 3s.

Getting to know players we represent and seeing them compete is key to a quality recruitment process.


US College Recruitment Expo

Stars and Stripes Tennis organises a highly successful annual recruitment expo typically held in early July at The National Tennis Centre, Roehampton. Prospective student athletes are able to train, compete, meet and interact with many US College Coaches. You can see the highlights on YouTube:

Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Commission USA College Day is expected to take place in September 2023 at ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD (close to West Brompton tube station). Entry is free but you will need to register in advance, with registration expected to begin in late August. Over 150 U.S. universities exhibit at this annual event for prospective undergraduates, parents and teachers. For details of last year’s event, see

SAT test dates, 2023-2024:

  • 26 August 2023
  • 7 October
  • 4 November
  • 2 December
  • 9 March 2024
  • 4 May
  • 1 June
  • 24 August

ACT test dates, 2023-2024:

  • 9 September 2023
  • 28 October
  • 2 December
  • 24 February 2024
  • 13 April
  • 8 June


Travel and Flights

Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment have linked up with:

Schools and Academies

Eastbourne College, Sussex (http://www.eastbourne– offer tennis specific scholarships at sixth form entry level, please contact Mr Simon Gent, Director of Tennis.

Reeds School, Surrey ( offer tennis scholarships from entry through to sixth form. Reeds won the World Schools Championships in 2016. Please contact Ben Haran, Head Coach for further information.

Merchiston School, Edinburgh ( offer tennis scholarships from entry through to sixth form. They are Scottish Schools Champions and were Runners–Up in the World Schools Championships 2017. Please contact David Brewer for further details.

Bath International Tennis Academy ( offer an outstanding performance programme for juniors and seniors, please contact Barry Scollo for further details.

Tenerife Tennis Academy and Synergy School ( offer a full time training programme for juniors competing regionally, nationally and internationally. Academics are in house at Synergy School and players can follow the U.K. or Spanish system. Please contact Kris Gray for further details.

Escuela de Tennis (ETM) Mataró, Barcelona ( offer short and long term stays with personalised programmes for all ages. Please contact Noe Amoros on +34 686 413428.

Tennis Equipment

TENNiSYS Racket Store, Bexley ( are your go to for everything tennis. A trusted high street and internet based store. They offer a discount to all Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment clients. Please enquire with Matt Perfect.

Video Services

Rob Smith video productions (Bolton)

Simon Bild London Tennis Tube (London)

Travel Insurance

The Need for Travel Insurance and Health Insurance

All travellers to the USA and Canada need both our long–stay travel insurance and country health insurance for proper protection. The two policies complement each other but are not substitutes for each other.

Health insurance, like private medical insurance here (such as BUPA), provides the highest level of medical cover for treatment and hospitalisation, and must be the first port of call with any medical issues when studying and working for long periods overseas.

However, health insurance is very complex, may only pay a percentage of a claim, could have a high deductible or co–insurance clause, and will usually only have nominal cover for evacuation and repatriation.

Your travel insurance policy covers many things that a typical campus health policy does not cover, including: medical repatriation cover back to your home, personal possessions, public liability and un–used course fees and travel costs. The medical section of your travel insurance can cover many gaps that may exist in your campus health insurance plan, such as high deductibles and co–insurances and crucially out–of–province/state or out–of–country restrictions.

As such, travel insurance complements and enhances but does not replace the need for a local health plan when you are studying or working in the USA for long periods. The medical section of your travel insurance policy only covers emergency treatment costs that cannot be delayed until you are returned home by our 24-hour assistance company. The emphasis is on minimising treatment and getting you home as quickly as possible for any further treatment, and treatment that can be reasonably delayed until you go home will not be covered. This is why it should not be relied on as a primary health plan during your stay.

In summary although a travel insurance policy is not a substitute for primary health insurance for a long stay visitor to the USA it is an essential protection for your property, personal liability and risk of trip curtailment because of circumstances at home covering both travel costs and tuition fees if you have our Study Abroad option. The emotional welfare benefit of being able to be repatriated to your home country and have the support of your family and friends in the event of a long term illness cannot be under estimated and could save you tens of thousands of dollars in medical transportation costs. Any long term visitor intending to do any regional tourism (not just out of country but out of province) may well need both the medical and other protections afforded by a travel insurance due to the local nature of the health plans that are available.

Study Abroad Travel Insurance for UK Residents

TRAVEL INSURANCE is a completely different product to Health Insurance. Our STUDY ABROAD scheme is NOT just Medical only (as Health Insurance is), provides many sections of cover, flexibility and includes REPATRIATION and EMERGENCY MEDICAL cover. The STUDY ABROAD scheme is absolutely ESSENTIAL to complement any Health Insurance, especially off–campus — without proper protection, the bills for REPATRIATION could run into £100,000’s!!!!

Health Insurance

HEALTH INSURANCE, the equivalent of Private Medical Insurance in the UK.

You will normally have Health Insurance included in your placement. It is very complex so please familiarise cover, such as co–insurance, co–pays, deductible and specifically check in advance whether this only covers a percentage of a potential claim. If you need Health Insurance, then please go to the link below, click on WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW then Health Insurance for an excellent online alternative.

The campus must also cover the sport, whether training, playing etc.

You need to check your full financial package. Know BEFORE YOU GO otherwise it is too late!!!!

Example Premiums:

  • 10 months worldwide: £408.46
  • 12 months worldwide: £479.88

Please Note: The STUDY ABROAD scheme is a leisure travel insurance only and will not provide benefits of cover for Private Health Care. Underwriters reserve the right to move you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation to the United Kingdom at any time during the trip.

Please click on–a–quote–starsandstripes/ and then POLICY TYPES for full details of our STUDY ABROAD scheme, delete the relevant tab at the top, get your personal quotation and complete the purchase online.


IMPORTANT: Insurers have now included cover for COVID-19 in the premiums.